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林北山-五橘宮 黃舜廷個展 | Lin Bei Shan - The Temple of Five Oranges Huang Shun-Ting Solo Exhibition


Lin Bei Shan - The Temple of Five Oranges

Huang Shun-Ting Solo Exhibition


展覽地點|福利社 FreeS Art Space|台北市中山區新生北路三段82號B1

開幕時間|2019/09/21 (Sat) 15:00

座談會|2019/10/19 (Sat) 16:00


Exhibition Dates|2019/09/21-2019/10/26

Space Address|FreeS Art Space

B1F, No.82, Sec3, Xinsheng N. Rd., Zongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Opening|2019/09/21 (Sat) 15:00

Panel Discussion|2019/10/19 (Sat) 16:00

Guest|Yao Jui-Chung, Chen Po-I




This solo exhibition follows on from the previous show “The Way to Wealth - The Contemporary Money-Bringing Art”, which explores the shared functions and value construction mechanisms of artworks and fortune-inviting products through the intertwined concepts of the two. Extending beyond the production of objects, “The Temple of Five Oranges” or “Wu Ju Gong”, goes on to construct a religious field of space. “Lin Bei Shan - The Temple of Five Oranges” serves as a further extension of the concept of Money-Bringing Art while continuing to explore the essence of art.

As the pronunciation of “Five Oranges” - “Wu Ju” sounds like wealthy in Taiwanese, “Wu Ju Gong” as the name suggests, signifies money and wealth, a shrine of desire built on the basis of the logic of capital. Inspired by the interconnection among the place I live in, the place I go about, and the place where the exhibition venue is located, the theme of this exhibition combines “Lin” as in “LinKou District”, “Bei” as in “Beitou District” and “Shan” as in “Zhongshan District”, turning the exhibition space into a religious center that covers the three regions. The overall design borrows and reinterprets the architectural features of temples in Taiwanese folk beliefs, particularly Cai Shen Temple, or the Temple for God of Wealth, while retaining the features of art exhibits through various forms. The purpose of the show is to create a path that combines art and folk beliefs through the construction of “The Temple of Five Oranges” and provides an easier access that leads inside for viewers to further reflect on and reexamine the subtle, blurry boundary between the two.

Prior creations of the artist were mostly seemingly familiar yet unusual, absurd scenes restructured and assembled on the basis of real-life scenes, and the purpose in creating the works was disclosed with deliberately arranged clues and hints. However, through repeated practice, contemplation, and action, the artist challenge the meaning of art creations and exhibition forms. “Lin Bei Shan -The Temple of Five Oranges” is not only a visual interpretation on cultural images but also the enlightening shrine within everyone’s heart that grants the wishes for whoever believes.

花好花滿-百合l,116.5 × 91 cm,壓克力、畫布,2018

Blossom Full of Flowers-Lily l, 116.5 × 91 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2018

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