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藝術家|李英偉 Li Ying-Wei、鄭農軒 Cheng Nung-Hsuan、黃舜廷 Huang Shun-Ting、梁祐寧 Liang Yu-Ning

展覽時間 | 2022/08/27 - 10/02

展出地點 | 養心藝術


開幕茶會 | 2022/08/27 14:30 PM

在繁忙的生活裡中使人無法離開城市,被現實壓力所束縛,而親近自然視乎成為都市人的舒壓的一種管道,當新冠疫情壟罩全球,人類身心健康飽受摧殘,城市與自然一直是對比的存在。而此展覽能使人們在都市中依然能享受花草樹木帶來的愉悅,緩解了城市生活帶來的壓力。療癒之城,不只是一條抵達植物園的捷徑,並感受到藝術家在探究自然中的一草一木與自身息息相關的互動。本次展覽邀請四位藝術家旨在透過療癒之城為主題,經由藝術家不同的詮釋與轉換,為觀者提供舒適和放鬆。他們所描繪的並不是模仿真實的自然,而是透過不同的觀點 不同媒材 不同技法,捕捉並描繪了他們對自然與自身的關聯。

Our busy lifestyles have made us dependent on cities and bound by the pressures of reality while drawing close to nature has become a therapeutic event. The worldwide COVID pandemic has caused harm to people’s mental and physical health, and cities and nature have always been contrasting concepts. This exhibition is designed to allow visitors to still be able to enjoy the pleasures brought forth by flowers, plants, and trees in the city, soothing the pressures of the urban environment and entering a city of healing. Not only is this a shortcut to entering a botanic garden, but also an opportunity to experience the artist’s interaction with plants amid nature. Centered around healing the city, this exhibition aims to provide comfort and relaxation for viewers through the artist’s different interpretations. What is depicted in the works are not imitations of nature but the artist’s connections with nature expressed through different perspectives and mediums.


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