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~洪~水~再~氾~濫~| Legend of The Flood


Legend of The Flood

展覽時間|2023/12/23 (六) - 2024/01/28 (日)

展覽地點|么八二藝術空間 182artspace


開放時間|週三至週ㄧ 14:00-00:00





The art group ”TOPO EARTH LAB“ conducted a project in the Jhuoshuei River basin last year, focusing on flood legends in the area. The flooding scenarios, occurring before modern hydraulic facilities intervened forcefully, represented natural disasters capable of submerging entire villages. Simultaneously, they fostered the development of the largest agricultural planting area in central and southern Taiwan. The transformative history of the Jhuoshuei River community can be traced through temple inscriptions and oral stories surrounding various flood events in the basin.

Moreover, along the Jhuoshuei River‘s banks, numerous water-related ”厭勝物“ can be found, such as 石敢當, stone towers, and Amitabha Buddha stone inscriptions. We construct an alternative portrayal of the Jhuoshuei River basin not documented in official history by narrating floods, miracles, drifting divine images, luminous sacred objects, and 厭勝物. We present an alternative depiction of the Zhuoshui River Basin that is absent from official historical records.


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