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上芳-黃舜廷個展|Plants & Planters - Huang Shun-Ting Solo Exhibition


Plants & Planters - Huang Shun-Ting Solo Exhibition



展覽地點|伊日後樂園 1F、2F


開放時間|週二至週六 14:00-19:00









Venue| BACK_Y 1F, 2F

Address|No. 66, Xinming Rd., Neihu Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan

Open|Tuesday - Saturday, 14:00-19:00

Support Unit|Tu Xing Studio

Sponsor Unit|National Culture and Arts Foundation

'Plants & Planters' (Chinese: 上芳 shàng fāng) represents a small-scale gardening and floral shop with a green background and white lettering sign.

Artist Huang Shun-Ting's latest exhibition, 'Plants & Planters,' draws inspiration from a physical flower shop situated beneath his residence, using its name as the title of the exhibition. The Chinese character '芳' comprises '艸' (cǎo, meaning "grass") above and '方' (fāng, meaning "square") below, symbolizing the interdependency between plants and vessels showcased throughout the exhibition. Beyond merely enhancing the fragrance of flowers and plants, 'Plants & Planters' encompasses implicit meanings related to imagery, forms, and symbols, projecting notions of 'above' or 'beyond,' thereby revealing the actions of planting and the presence of planters.

The artist, choosing real-life spaces as the subject matter, doesn’t aim to replicate scenes as they are seen but rather seeks to portray real-life scenarios drawn from prolonged, intimate yet distant observations—a space of imagination nurtured through his connection with the flower shop. 'Plants & Planters' goes beyond a mere title; it serves as a reflection, offering a window into the current landscapes of Taiwan and revealing an elusive, fundamental essence that's challenging to fully grasp.

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